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The attorneys at Amideo Nicholas Guzzone & Associates, P.C. are well respected and experienced in the areas of personal injury and automobile injury law. It is important to contact an attorney with knowledge and experience in the event of a car / auto / motor vehicle injury or any other type of personal injury. We will schedule an immediate consultation with one of our attorneys. Your consultation is completely free. All car / motor vehicle and other personal injury cases are handled on a contingency basis. We do not get paid, unless you get paid. If we do not achieve a financial recovery for you, we do not get a fee (personal injury cases only).**

If you have been injured in a car / auto / motor vehicle or any other type of personal injury, you will have important questions that need immediate answers. Should your injuries prevent you from coming to our office, one of our personal injury lawyers may be able to meet with you in your home, the hospital or other location if necessary.
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Elder law is a special area of the law which focuses on the legal needs of mature people, who may already be planning for or living in retirement. At this stage of life, after earning a living for many years, people often turn their thoughts to preserving the assets they have earned, most likely with the desire to pass these assets on to their families. In order to do this, they need to plan financially for their own possible health care needs, while establishing methods of preserving their assets as much as possible.

Providing adequate medical coverage to meet the assorted issues of aging, while sheltering your assets, can be a daunting and challenging task. An attorney with knowledge and expertise in this area of the law is able to sit down with you and help you assess the moves to make to accomplish your particular goals in this area. As attorneys with years of experience in the field of Elder Law, we listen carefully to your concerns and help you clarify your goals.

We can provide you with tools to preserve your assets, such as transfers into life estates, trusts, and other legal protections. Our lawyers keep up with the ever changing legal climate with regard to Medicare and Medicaid eligibility. We advise you about planning ahead when necessary to qualify for Medicare and Medicaid benefits and disability benefits, as well as the best ways to make other lifetime transfers of assets you wish to preserve for your heirs.

A lawyer skilled in these areas is your best first advisor. Elder care planning is always best initiated much in advance of any age related life changes. Do not hesitate to seek our counsel at any stage of your life. We have advised and assisted countless clients in this area, providing knowledge and information which overcomes the challenges of this very confusing area of the law.
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Amideo Nicholas Guzzone & Associates, P.C.

The first move you need to make, to address these issues and concerns, is to come and talk to us about your estate plan. To assist people in these troubled financial times, we are offering a free consultation for estate planning, including the preparation of one free simple Will (one per household, family, and/or relative***). In your initial consultation with us, we will show you ways to title your assets, and point out alternatives for the transfer of your assets, either during your lifetime, or through an estate plan, which transfers everything after your death.

When we have assessed your situation and goals, we draft the legal documents and establish the legal relationships you need for the success of your estate plan. We also work closely with any investment and financial planners you may have or plan to consult with, to establish the investments which fit your special, unique situation. You may have grandchildren you wish to provide college funds for, adult children with special needs, or a spouse who needs income in your absence. Your Elder law Attorney is always a vital part of your team, along with your financial planning and investment advisors and tax accountant, to assist you in coping with the particular challenges of this stage of your life.

We urge you to take advantage of our expertise, and come in for a will consultation. For a majority of clients, a Will or a Trust will be the backbone of their estate plan. Wills provide the directions for your heirs after your passing, concerning who you are leaving your assets to, and in what proportions. A will must be properly prepared, in the clearest possible language, and understood thoroughly by the client, to be effective. Our estate planning attorneys spend much time with the clients, asking questions and familiarizing themselves with clients’ wishes, in order to recommend the best plan to accomplish their goals.

Especiallylooking at the future consequences of our actions, and of not planning and investing carefully and prudently. Even though no one can control all of the variables in your financial situation, still, you can face the future with knowledge that you have made all of the moves you could to protect your loved ones.

For clients with more complex or high value estates, or needs such as providing for a disabled child, a Trust may be a more appropriate instrument for the passing of assets after death. There are many types of trusts available to be utilized for these purposes, both during life, or inter vivos trusts, and those which take effect after death, or testamentary trusts. We can advise and assist you in establishing any type of trust which best suits your estate planning needs.

When clients wish to plan ahead to preserve their assets for their spouses, or for their heirs, and want to avoid losing everything to the cost of nursing home care, which may become necessary in their lives, establishing Trusts which qualify to shelter your assets, can protect much of a client’s net worth.

When there is a disabled family member, a Special Needs Trust can hold assets of the individual without decreasing their eligibility for vital financial assistance they may be able to receive under Social Security, or Medicaid. Our Elder Law attorneys can accomplish these goals for you and your family.
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Amideo Nicholas Guzzone & Associates, P.C.

The Law Offices of Amideo Nicholas Guzzone & Associates has been practicing in the area of probate and administration of estates for over fifty years. In that time, we have had many clients who have utilized us for their estate planning services, knowing that, when the time comes, we will be there for their families and loved ones to provide legal assistance to the estates of our clients, or their family members. We are always accessible to provide the stability and legal expertise which is so necessary when dealing with the death of a loved one.

When someone who dies made a will during their lifetime, we assist in the probate of that will. When there is no will, a similar process is used to appoint an administrator of the estate. We have extensive experience in the Surrogate's Court, which oversees the process of transferring the assets of a deceased person to their rightful heirs. We can also assist you in the event you need to object to the admission of someone's will, or if you are going to act as the executor or administrator of someone's estate.

We take pride in guiding people through these processes with sensitivity. Many difficulties may arise after someone passes away, whether with paying their last bills and expenses, or when family members disagree about what should happen to the deceased’s assets. Our estate attorneys provide expert legal counsel when heirs fight each other, and steer the estate through the courts, whether by settling the issues amicably, or by conducting court proceedings.

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Amideo Nicholas Guzzone & Associates, P.C.

Amideo Nicholas Guzzone and Associates, P.C. provides clients with skillful and vigorous advocacy when a marital relationship experiences problems. Our attorneys' experience in this sensitive field has taught us that each client’s needs are slightly different, and we treat each client as an individual. We take the time and make the effort to both educate our clients to what the law requires in a matrimonial dispute, and to listen to their hopes and expectations for the resolution of their problems.

You will receive expert, personalized advice and recommendations from our Matrimonial lawyers, on all of the issues of the marriage. We have the knowledge and expertise to assure you that, in the event of the breakup of a marriage, all parties receive their just due in terms of property settlements, and that the children of the marriage are provided for adequately under the applicable laws.

Our Matrimonial attorneys have achieved amicable, "uncontested" divorces for many clients, whose first concern was to preserve the humanity and dignity of all parties involved. We realize that for the sake of the families involved, it is always preferable to strive for an amicable resolution of marital disputes. However, in the event that marital legal disputes cannot be settled amicably, we are skilled at performing the litigation necessary to bring about judicial resolutions of these cases.
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The Law Offices of
Amideo Nicholas Guzzone & Associates, P.C.

The attorneys at Amideo Nicolas Guzzone & Associates, P.C. have represented thousands of real estate purchasers and sellers.

The Law Offices of Amideo Nicolas Guzzone & Associates, P.C. has represented thousands of real estate purchasers and sellers. We have extensive experience in all of the areas of laws which come into play in these transactions. We are extremely diligent in clearing the problems and issues which must be addressed and resolved to successfully transfer ownership of real estate.

We provide you with the utmost in professional expertise in transactions involving residential property, commercial and business property, condominiums and co-op apartments, vacant land, inter-family transfers, and income-producing properties.

All stages of your real estate transaction, from the ins and outs of listing your property for sale, or applying for a mortgage, to assuring a successful closing of the sale, are handled personally and individually. It is reassuring to know that an attorney with broad knowledge and a high degree of expertise in the practice of real estate law is personally monitoring your transaction, especially in this volatile real estate market.
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Amideo Nicholas Guzzone & Associates, P.C.

A good lease, which spells out the rights and responsibilities of a party, is essential to protect both sides in a rental setting. The Law Offices of Amideo Nicholas Guzzone & Associates, P.C. represents landlords in the drafting of such leases. This can be important to a landlord of a residential rental property, as well as a commercial property.

As we know what a good lease encompasses, we also represent tenants in negotiation of leases on commercial properties, which are often complex. We can help such tenants understand their obligations fully in such leases, and protect their interests.
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Amideo Nicholas Guzzone & Associates, P.C.

If you find yourself charged with a criminal traffic offense, such as driving while intoxicated, you need an attorney who knows the ins and outs of the court system, to minimize the penalties you will be subject to. If you have failed to pay traffic tickets, you may discover the hard way that you are driving with a suspended license. This is a serious offense, which can even result in jail time. We assist you in avoiding this consequence. When someone has refused to submit to a blood alcohol or drug test, we can represent you in the hearings necessary to get a conditional license, if your license has been suspended.
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The Law Offices of
Amideo Nicholas Guzzone & Associates, P.C.

When people fail to observe the laws, and must appear in court to answer the charges against them, they find the judges are very reluctant to proceed unless the defendant is represented by an attorney. This is to provide full "due process" protections of the law. We have assisted many people to minimize the charges against them, within the guidelines of the law, before pleading guilty to an offense which will appear on their record, and have an impact on their life.

The Law Offices of Amideo Nicholas Guzzone & Associates has been representing criminal defendants for over fifty years. We can advise and assist you in achieving the best possible resolution of your criminal matter. As criminal lawyers, we have achieved the best possible results for our clients many, many times. Whenever possible, the attorney will strive to keep the client's record clear of permanent criminal charges, by achieving conditional discharges, which will become permanent discharges of the matter, provided the defendant is not charged with further crimes in the conditional period. We also carefully assess whether a defendant may be able to succeed in a trial on a criminal matter. It is our responsibility as lawyers to advise you accordingly, to avoid unnecessary and fruitless litigation.

We are very aware and sensitive to the delicate nature of family law issues, and provide clients with expert advocacy in family law matters. We are thoroughly familiar with the complex family court rules and procedures. Our goal in these areas is to view and treat each client as an individual, and we have been able to resolve many of these matters amicably. When this is not possible, we perform the litigation necessary to bring about a judicial resolution of your case.
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Amideo Nicholas Guzzone & Associates, P.C.

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